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What is UBI?

Ultraviolet Blood Irradiation (UBI) or Biophotonic Therapy (BT) works with the
body’s immune and circulatory system to help them function more effectively. It
does not “purify” the blood or treat all the blood. UBI treats the whole body to bring
about healing in a more holistic manner. During the procedure, small bacterial and
viral cells absorb the majority of the photonic energy while the healthy cells remain
intact. The diseased cells become antigenic.  An “autogenous vaccine”, meaning
self-generated, is thus produced.

Short History

  • 1903 Niels Finsen (Faroese-Danish physician/researcher) wins Nobel Prize
    for Medicine after using UV light to treat lupus vulgaris (TB of the skin)
  • 1942 Dr. George Miley, clinical professor at Hahnemann Hospital and
    College of Medicine reported success with 103 consecutive cases of acute
    pyogenic infections. 100% cure rate for early infections, 46/47 for moderately
    advanced infection, and 17/36 for those who were near death.
  • 1950s The age of antibiotics and vaccines, UBI takes a back seat and research comes to a halt.
  • 1950-1990 Few American doctors still using UBI, Russia and Germany take
    the lead in light therapy producing clinical studies demonstrating efficacy and
    safety of this therapy.
  • 1990-present 250+ practitioners in the US and 3,000+ in Europe and more
    around the world using UBI

Clinical effects

Changes in the blood, Clotting changes, Blood parameter changes, Metabolic Changes-Improvement in Oxygen Utilization, Hemodynamic Changes, Improvement in immune defenses.

Blood Effects: More O2 to organs, Vasodilation and better microcirculation,
Decreased viscosity, Better peripheral circulation, Increased red blood cell production, decreased platelet, Improved oxygen supply.

Immune boosting: UBI stimulates activity of white blood cells.

Auto-Immune response: UBI reduces excess amounts of various white blood cells. (It appears that the metabolically active T-cells and other immune cells absorb much greater numbers of biophotons than ordinary body cells, and this destroys them, thus slowing down or stopping the disease.

Inactivation of toxins: Destruction and control of bacteria & virus, Increase oxygenation & transport, Activation of steroid hormones, Activation of white blood cells, Stimulation of cellular and humoral immunity, Improved microcirculation, vasodilation, Decreased platelet aggregation.

Mountain View Functional Medicine

Amount of Therapy

There are variables such as state of health of the immune system, length of illness, severity of the disease, and other therapies being used.  This will be discussed on an individual basis.

Typical recommendations:

3-4 treatments for infections, Flu, and Allergies

5-6 treatments for Fibromyalgia, Chronic Fatigue, Shingles, Asthma

8-10 treatments for Autoimmune diseases, Cancer, MS, Hepatitis C

Preventative therapy can be given every 2-3 months for a pro-active immune stimulation and balance.


Medical explanation of how BPT functions  link: http://drsubi.com/resources/phd-look-at-bpt/

Testimonies: http://drsubi.com/bpt/new-testimonies/


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