Mountain View Functional Medicine
Mountain View Functional Medicine

Jennifer Orsua, NP-C

“I have always believed that there are many aspects of a person’s life that affect
their health. I see each patient as more than just a symptom or a number. To me
you are a physical spiritual and emotional being who was created amazingly. I am
after what’s causing the dysfunction. This takes time and patience but it’s worth it.
This is about quality of life.”

Mountain View Functional Medicine

Functional medicine seeks to address the root cause of disease.  This is done by addressing an individual as genetically and biochemically unique. It asks, “Why do you have this problem in the first place” instead of “what medication will treat the symptom”?

At Mountain View Functional Medicine, we assess the why.  We believe the why can be the result of any combination of different stresses. One approach is looking at your total stress load (TSL). What is TSL and what contributes to TSL? Emotional stress  (losses, PTSD, vocational, interpersonal, anxiety, depression), Cognitive Stress (irrational demands & expectations, awfulizing & catastrophizing, victim thinking, blame games, lack of gratitude, unforgiveness), Sensory Stress (pain syndromes, joint/backpain, phantom pain, sensory processing defect), Metabolic Stress (decreased exercise, pH problems, blood sugar dysregulation, methylation & nutritional abnormalities, osteopenia), Toxic Stress (heavy metals [e.g. mercury, lead, cadmium, arsenic], food additives, trans fats), Immune stress (allergies [food & contact]), inflammatory & autoimmune disorder, asthma, eczema), Endocrine & Neurotransmitter Stress (hormones, PMS, menopause, andropause, osteoporosis, hypo-hyper thyroid, ↑↓cortisol, estrogen, ↓progesterone, ↓DHEA, ↓serotonin,

dopamine, ↑noradrenalin, insulin), Structural Stress (TMJ, cancer, postural abnormalities), Energetic Stress (electromagnetic pollution, cell phones, microwaves), Oxidative Stress (phase I &II detox abnormalities, low antioxidant status, sleep apnea, CAD, vein or arterial blockage), Infectious Stress (Lyme, candida, parasites, viral, bacterial), Purposelessness Stress (inability to live in the now, feeling that life is meaningless, lack of spirituality or “higher purpose”)

Diving into all aspects to get to the “root cause” takes time and requires patience for both the patient and practitioner. The imbalances in the body that are causing the symptoms are often completely different in each individual patient even though the symptoms themselves can be the same. Individualized medicine or functional medicine evaluates all components in a patient’s life. Comprehensive plans are developed after assessing areas such as nutritional deficiencies, excessive stressors, lack of sleep, hormonal imbalance, toxins and medications. To assess the root cause a through history is taken, specialty labs as well as standard labs are ordered, and often lifestyle, diet, supplements and at times medications are recommended.





Ozone (O3) is a gas that is used medically in low concentrations and made with pure oxygen but is better known for its location in the Earth’s stratosphere where it exits in high concentrations. O3 is an agent of reaction.  A molecule of ozone is “unstable” and wants to give an oxygen atom away (this is called oxidation).  This is the basis of ozone’s reactivity. The free oxygen readily combines with other substances. On a basic level it activates the immune system and stimulates oxygen metabolism in cells.



Ultraviolet Blood Irradiation (UBI) or Biophotonic Therapy (BT) works with the body’s immune and circulatory system to help them function more effectively. It does not “purify” the blood or treat all the blood. UBI treats the whole body to bring about healing in a more holistic manner. During the procedure, small bacterial and viral cells absorb the majority of the photonic energy while the healthy cells remain intact. The diseased cells become antigenic.  An “autogenous vaccine”, meaning self-generated, is thus produced.


Intravenous Vitamin & Mineral Infusions

Using IV vitamins and minerals is a way to replenish depleted vitamins and minerals without being dependent on absorption through the GI tract which may be dysfunctional or unable to tolerate higher doses of vitamins like Vitamin C. 


Hormone Replacement Therapy
(natural NOT synthetic)

Hormones are molecular messengers that carry signals throughout the body. They control virtually all the functions of the body. Most people think of the sex hormones that control libido, however, besides sexual function, hormones control healing, tissue regeneration, immune function, memory, mood, strength, body composition, skin thickness, energy, and digestion. Hormones tell your thyroid to release T3 and T4, they signal the woman’s body to prepare an egg, and control the fight or flight response.



Prolozone® is a homeopathic/oxygen injection technique. The name prolozone was coined by Dr. Frank Shallenberger the pioneer of this technique. The name comes from the Latin word “proli” which means regenerate or rebuild, and the word ozone.  This technique works by bringing oxygen, vitamins and minerals to the damaged tissues, joints, ligaments and tendons for regeneration. This isn’t just a treatment for pain, results represent healing through correction of the pathology or reason the pain is present. There’s a 75% chance for the chronic pain sufferer to become permanently pain free.


Once you get started with Mountain View Functional Medicine you will be able to log in and see recaps from your appointments, lab results, lab orders, future appointments, and education materials. Click below to access your client portal.

Mountain View Functional Medicine


Once you get started with Mountain View Functional Medicine you will be able to log in and see recaps from your appointments, lab results, lab orders, future appointments, and education materials. Click below to access your client portal.

Mountain View Functional Medicine


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